Make the Most of Your Four Years

Your Journey Begins Here

Gettysburg College students should engage in the outlined action steps provided in this career framework throughout their college experience. While each stage of the model follows one another, students can engage in any stage at any time to build their professional confidence, knowledge, skills, and network as they achieve their goals and strengthen their career readiness.

The Center for Career Engagement supports students and alumni as they engage in and reflect on their career and college experience while cultivating their connection to the global Gettysburg Network. We foster relationships with campus community partners and guide students to robust opportunities which help them to capitalize on their liberal arts education.

Career Ready: Level Up

The residential liberal arts education at Gettysburg College provides students with the opportunity to develop transferable skills preparing them for life beyond Gettysburg through unique experiences in and out of the classroom. The Center for Career Engagement helps students identify ways to build their own career readiness through reflection and coaching focusing on core competencies that employers most want to see according to NACE research and reporting. Through Career Readiness Competencies, we are committed to support students in their transition to the professional world.