Opportunities for Faculty

The Center for Global Education has a number of opportunities for faculty members to become involved in global education. Please contact CGE if you are interested in any of these.

Short-term Faculty Development Opportunities Abroad

There are many short-term abroad experiences for faculty who wish to spend a few weeks abroad rather than a semester. Below are a list of seminars and workshops:

DIS International Educators Workshop

The International Educators Workshop is "like a mini-semester at DIS." Participants are able to attend classes, meet DIS faculty and students, live with a host family, and serve on discussion panels. The objective for the workshop is to serve as a forum on DIS programs and broader issues in education abroad.

IAU Atelier Professionnel (Professional Development Workshop)

IAU's Professional Development Workshop is designed to improve participants' knowledge of contemporary French language and culture. It is also a place for teachers to hone their teaching strategies as well as exchange strategies with other French teachers. Classroom and research sessions are augmented by cultural outings.

IES Faculty Development Seminars

Each year, IES offers a range of Faculty Development Seminars that are designed to bring faculty and experts from around the world together in a forum of exchange. Seminar topics range from language pedagogy to current events, and locations vary.

IES Familiarization Trips

Familiarization Trips are a good way for faculty to learn more about IES study abroad programs. Participants are able to visit with partner institutions and observe classes, as well as attend cultural excursions

Teaching and Research Opportunities Abroad

If you are interested in teaching or conducting research abroad, there are many opportunities available for you. Below are several programs that may interest you:

Lancaster University/London Program

Calls for the Gettysburg in England Faculty Directorship are issued every two years. Please contact CGE for more information.

CIEE Global Institute Guest Instructor

Faculty members have the opportunity to teach for a six-week block at one of CIEE's Global Institute. This would typically take place during a semester in which the faculty was on sabbatical. Please contact CGE for more information.

Advanced Studies in England (ASE)

ASE offers opportunities for faculty to teach a course in their summer school. Please contact CGE for more information.

DIS Visiting Faculty Member

Faculty members have the opportunity to teach at DIS in Copenhagen, Denmark for a semester. Please contact CGE for more information.

IES Abroad Research and Teaching Grants

IES Abroad offers opportunities for faculty from consortium schools, such as Gettysburg, to teach a course or conduct research at one of their centers. Please contact CGE for more information.

Institute for American Universities (IAU)

IAU's Resident Fellows Program is designed for professors on sabbatical to conduct seminars with IAU students, give public lectures, and conduct research in one of IAU's programs.

Lutheran College Washington Semester (LCWS)

LCWS provides housing accommodations to faculty who are conducting research in Washington, DC during the summer.

Kansai Gaidai

The Visiting Professor Program at Kansai Gaidai offers professors on sabbatical free, furnished on-campus housing with utilities in Japan in exchange for teaching a course. Research focusing on Japan or Asia is preferred but not required.

Other opportunities

The above list is not exhaustive of the opportunities to teach and conduct research abroad. If there is a region you are interested in that is not listed, contact CGE for information about opportunities in the region you are interested in. Embedded courses are another option for professors looking to incorporate the abroad experience into their teaching repertoire. These courses are offered on-campus, but involve a trip/travel component to the region of focus that augments the classroom experience. Please see CGE for details.