Global study in 2020–21

Congratulations on submitting your CGE Application for Spring 2021! In addition to material from your Program Provider and directly from CGE, here are additional FAQ’s.

Frequently asked questions

Can I make an appointment to speak with a CGE advisor?

Please do! Request an appointment here.

Should I continue filling out my program application?

Yes. Each global study program has a program application, which is different from the Gettysburg Application you already completed on your CGE Dashboard. Most program applications are available on your Program Provider’s website. Once you have completed your program application, your program provider will be in close contact with you about any updates for the semester and the next steps you should take for preparing for your global study semester. If you have questions about where to find your application, what the due date is, or how to answer any application questions, please write to us at

I’ve heard that a few programs have been cancelled for spring ’21. Which programs are available?

Please refer to the Affiliated Programs List. Click on the country of interest to see program availability. Note that program application deadlines are approaching so some programs that are still running in the spring may not be accepting applications.

I’m nervous about my program cancelling. Should I apply to several programs as a back-up?

CGE advisors can meet with you to weigh your options and talk through “what if” scenarios specific to your circumstances and the program(s) you are considering. Generally, CGE does not recommend that students submit multiple applications at once. Not only does this require additional time, labor, and application fees for the student, but it also requires that students juggle different application timelines and refund policies related to program deposits.

My friend’s global study programs was cancelled. Will my program be cancelled too?

Some program providers have made the decision to cancel their programs for the spring semester but these cancellations occur for a variety of reasons. Each program will make a decision based on their unique structure and/or local conditions, so if one program cancels it doesn’t’ mean another program will – even programs in the same country. Depending on the timing of program cancellations, CGE can help students consider another global study program for spring ’21, assist students in deferring global study until fall ’21, or support students who wish take classes from Gettysburg next semester instead.

My program has confirmed it is planning to run in the Spring 2021 semester— Hooray! Is it possible that Gettysburg will make a decision that students cannot study abroad even if a program is running?

Yes, it is possible. The safety of Gettysburg students is our highest priority. Gettysburg reserves the right to make decisions about global study in the best interest of our students before or during a global study program. Decisions to cancel programs, delay program start dates, or modify program models are based on a balance of global health news, public health and safety advisories and restrictions, advice from International SOS (ISOS) Gettysburg’s medical and travel security assistance company, and input from our program providers and host universities. The timing of decisions will vary by program and/or country, rather than be announced as one uniform decision about all spring 2021 programs. CGE is committed to updating students as we learn of any changes to programs, and helping students who wish to make alternative plans.

If my study abroad program is canceled, will I receive a refund of my deposit?

If you are notified that your program has canceled, you will get your deposit back, but non-recoverable costs such as visa, immunizations, or flights will not be refunded. If you voluntarily withdraw from the program, you may or may not be able to get your deposit back. This will depend on individual program policies. Be sure to confirm the refund policy of your program. If you are considering withdrawing from your global study program or deferring until a future semester, we recommend waiting until you are required to make a non-refundable financial commitment (such as paying for visa fees or a plan ticket) to get more information about how the Spring 2021 semester will look before making a final decision. Ultimately, students may re-enroll at Gettysburg up until the add/drop deadline on campus, which is typically the end of the second week of classes. Although once Gettysburg’s semester begins, course choices will be more limited.

If my program cancels or I withdraw, can I still register for classes with Gettysburg?

Ultimately, students may re-enroll at Gettysburg up until the add/drop deadline on campus, which is typically the end of the second week of classes. Although once Gettysburg’s semester begins, course choices will be more limited.

What if the program is still running but I decide to withdraw from my program before it starts?

If you choose to withdraw at any point before your program begins, CGE will work with you to refund as much money as possible, but you will be responsible for any non-recoverable program costs such as visa fees and/or non-refundable plane tickets. It is your responsibility to pay attention to the financial deadlines of your specific program. When in doubt, contact your program provider.

My spring 2021 program is located in country where there is a travel advisory Level 3/4 - what does that mean for global study?

The entire world, including the United States is on a heightened state of alert due to the current pandemic. Program providers and host universities around the world consider travel advisory levels issued by the U.S. Department of State, the Centers for Disease Control, and other information from trusted sources as they make decisions about whether their programs will run, and whether their universities will be open to in-person teaching. CGE is working with the International Travel Review Advisory Committee, and other campus entities to review participation policies associated with these travel advisories, as well as general risk levels. Students will be required to accept the elevated risks and responsibilities associated with traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic by signing an Acknowledgement of Risks document in addition to an Agreement and Release document prior to participating in global study.

My program has been modified. Will I still have the experience I was expecting?

This will vary by program and by student. Many programs are adjusting their regular schedule in order to create the best chance the program will run safely. Course availability may be subject to change as well. Access to resources on-site such as museums, archives, concert venues, or internship sites may be impacted. There may also be restrictions on personal travel. We recommend that you carefully monitor and review your program modifications and decide for yourself if program changes still meet your academic, personal, and professional goals that were the basis for your decision to study globally. Information about any program modifications can be found on your program provider’s website, or will be sent directly to you by your provider. CGE is happy to speak with you about these modifications at any time.

Will I still be able to travel during my global study semester?

It is entirely possible that there may be travel restrictions, especially on travel outside of your host country. These restrictions may be due to government regulations, or rules put in place by your program provider in support of your community. You should prepare for a global study semester with opportunities for traveling within your host country and limited travel further afield. Gettysburg College expects that you follow all local laws and guidance from your program provider. You would accept all risks associated with booking non-refundable reservations for travel that must be cancelled for any reason.

If my program requires a visa, when should I start the visa process?

If you’ve been expressly told that you need a visa, please begin collecting the necessary documents, but do not submit your visa application until you have been told to do so by your program provider or host university. Continue to monitor your inbox closely for instructions from your program provider. CGE can provide a letter of enrollment and financial support if needed.

When should I book my flight?

Do not book a flight until your program confirms with you that you should proceed with this purchase. When you are ready to purchase your ticket, CGE recommends that you purchase refundable tickets and/or purchase flight insurance that covers pandemic cancellations. We also recommend that students purchase flights directly through the airline provider. Third-party or discount ticket companies may not provide as generous cancellation/refund policies and may not be able to automatically rebook your ticket if your original flights are cancelled or rescheduled. Gettysburg College gives all students who have not previously studied abroad a flight allowance to help with the cost of flights. The College is unable to help support costs related to re-booking or cancelling flights.

When is pre-departure orientation (PDO)?

Pre-Departure Orientation will begin in late October and will continue throughout the fall semester. All sections of Pre-Departure Orientation will be held virtually. Please monitor your Gettysburg College email for updates.

I’ve been hearing rumors about a “second wave” of COVID-19 in the winter. Will this impact spring global study?
It is too soon to predict how COVID-19 will impact on-site conditions at our programs in the Spring 2021 semester; however, our program providers have created flexible program models to support global study in the Fall 2020 semester, and will continue to refine these plans and communicate all necessary updates to Spring 2021 applicants. The best way to stay informed of these updates is to complete your program application as soon as possible.
I don’t have a passport. How do I get one?

If you do not currently have a passport or your passport will expire within 6 months of your expected return from your global study semester, please contact CGE as soon as possible. Passport processing times are currently longer than normal, so you should submit your passport application (or passport renewal) as soon as possible. CGE also recommends you notify your program provider if you are currently in the process of renewing your passport. You can apply at an acceptance facility. Processing may be limited so it is imperative that you start working on this immediately.

Will there be a lot of students going abroad in the spring due to the program suspensions in the fall?

We anticipate that many of our affiliated programs will see a larger-than-normal pool of applicants, and highly recommend that students apply as soon as possible in order to secure a spot.

I’m going to take your good advice and apply early, will I be able to change my mind?

Of course! You can change your global study program and/or semester even after you’ve completed your application(s).

When will my spring courses be dropped from my schedule?

Like every year, Gettysburg courses will be removed from the schedules of students planning to study globally in early December.