Application Instructions

Are you ready to apply?

If you have not yet had a meeting with one of our advisors, please make an appointment to do so with the Appointment Request Form. If you have already met with one of our Center for Global Education advisors and your academic advisor(s) and have decided on a program and a semester (or year) for your global study, follow the steps below to begin your application.

Once you have had a CGE advising appointment, consulted with your Academic Advisor(s) and selected your program, you are ready to start the application process. You will need to complete 2 sets of applications:

Gettysburg CGE Application

Note: This application is for both affiliated and non-affiliated programs.

  • CGE needs to open this application for you.
  • To open an application after your advising meeting with CGE, log into Student Center, click on Center for Global Education, and then select the box next to Click here to Start a NEW Application. Complete the Survey, Terms and Conditions, and Program Choice items.
  • If you plan to apply for a non-affiliated program, you must have an approved petition for that particular program based on academic reason.
  • The CGE application consists of a review of the Terms and Conditions, an essay and Course Approval Requests section. You will need to work closely with your department and academic advisor to complete the course approval process.

CGE Application Deadlines for ALL programs are the same:

  • OCTOBER 1 - for spring semester programs
  • MARCH 1 - for fall semester or academic year programs
  • Petitions for non-affiliated programs are due prior to the applications deadline. Petitions must be submitted by September 15 for spring and February 15 for fall. 

If you do not have your CGE Application submitted by these deadlines, you will have to wait until the next semester to participate in global study.

The Program Provider Application

  • Most providers have their applications on their websites.
  • The exceptions to this are:
    • University of Stavanger (Norway) - will be emailed to you
    • University of Tromso (Norway) - will be emailed to you
  • These applications consist of essays, letters of recommendations (PDF), transcripts, course choice forms, global study approval forms, etc. Occasionally, student may be required to submit midterm grades (PDF) if their GPA falls below the minimum required by the program.
  • You can submit applications yourself or turn forms into the CGE and we can submit them on your behalf.
  • To order transcripts you will need to fill out, sign, and submit a Transcript Request Form to the Registrar (forms available from CGE or the Registrar). If you are unable to obtain a form, you may request a transcript via email along with a photo of your signature.
  • Many application forms require photos (sometimes as many as ten). You can have them taken at AAA Travel (1275 York Rd., 334-1155) or CVS (1275 York Rd., 337-2812). Please read the photo requirements carefully regarding size and number of photos.

Program Provider Application Deadlines are all different. Some may fall before the Gettysburg Application Deadline.