Healix: Medical and Travel Security Assistance

The well-being of campus community members is Gettysburg’s top priority. To help prepare and support campus members who travel internationally, Gettysburg College works with Healix. Healix provides health and safety information, emergency assistance, and other services for all students, staff, and faculty traveling internationally on college business who are covered by Gettysburg's Global Insurance. Healix works with organizations to proactively mitigate risks before they happen and expertly manage them when they do, protecting your people, operations and assets wherever they are.

Campus members can contact Healix prior to departure with questions about safety and security in their destination country. In addition, they can contact Healix with questions regarding traveling with prescription medications or other medical-related travel concerns.

Accessing Travel Oracle Web Portal

Healix Travel Oracle Web Portal is designed to provide you with the best up-to-date information and alerts about your travel destination. It offers complete country guides to give you in-depth knowledge about your location, as well as tips and training on how to stay safe while overseas.

Obtaining information before you go will better prepare you for your experience abroad and may help minimize the risk of a more serious incident occurring.

Travel Oracle Website https://tow.healix.com/login

  • As a new user:
  • Click ‘Register’
  • Complete the form to create your account.
  • Enter Policy Number EIIA241265
  • Press ‘Register’ to complete the registration.
  • Login using your email address and the password you have just created.

The website is split into five main sections, which you can see in the left-hand panel:

  • Home
  • Alerts
  • Countries
  • Traveler Advice
  • Disease Information

Accessing Travel Oracle Mobile App

The Healix Travel Oracle App is your ultimate travel safety companion. Developed by leading security and medical experts it provides you with up to date travel information and advice and real time alerts on breaking news globally. The app can be downloaded onto your smart phone from the Apple App store or Google Play store.

Register as a new user with the access code for your company: EIIA241265

Your password must be:

  • Between 10-20 characters
  • Contain at least one upper and lower case letter
  • At least one number and a character from the list below: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - + ? | = } { : ; “ ,

Once you have completed registration or logged in successfully you will be brought to the menu screen. From here you can view the four main sections:

  • Alerts
  • Country Profiles
  • Pre-Trip Advice
  • Profile & Documents