Financial Award Information

Financial Awards

Financial Awards are available to help offset the cost of an Immersion Project. Monies have been made available by generous donors to be awarded to Gettysburg College students to offset the costs of immersion projects. Total amount of money available differs each year depending on donations. With limited funds available, this becomes a very competitive process; not all applicants will receive awards. Typically, amount of individual awards vary from one-quarter to one-half the project fee.

The Center for Public Service distributes individual awards taking into account: 1) financial need of the applicant (CPS obtains the financial ranking of each applicant from the office of Financial Aid. Categories are high, medium, and low, based on an applicant’s financial package); 2) total amount of award money available; 3) distribution of scholarship money across the projects; and 4) total number of applicants.

Applicants must officially register for an immersion project and pay the deposit to qualify for award monies. Deposits are required to demonstrate that the participant has the appropriate commitment to the experience. However, if a participant pays their deposit, and after receiving their Financial Award notice decides that they cannot afford to go on the trip, we will refund their deposit. This is the only reason a deposit would be refunded, and only if the participant turns down the Financial Award within the time allotted on the award notice (typically three days). For all other reasons and times of withdrawal, the Withdrawal Policy applies.

Upon registration, students will receive an email to secure their spot on the Immersion Project by submitting their deposit and completing their learning goals. If a student is in need of additional financial support, they must complete the final questions on that form. Reponses to these questions will determine awards. Please answer thoroughly. Send any questions to