Honor Code Tips

What Causes Honor Code Violations?

Impulsive Decisions

In stressful situations, slow down and consider your options (there are always options!).

Lack of Confidence

Your professors don’t expect you to know everything. Mistakes are a normal part of the learning process.

Poor Time Management

Plan ahead, stay organized, and make strategic choices about how you spend your time.

Confusion About Citation Practices

Always cite when the words or ideas are not your own, no matter what type of assignment or course. Ask for help when you’re confused.

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How to Avoid Violating the Honor Code

Focus on Learning

Reduce temptations, limit distractions, read directions, and know that sometimes the struggle is part of the learning experience.

Give Credit

For ideas, words, assistance of others. Be mindful about how you incorporate sources into your work. This applies to everything–homework, reflections, papers, etc.

Ask for Help

Ask for help–appropriately. Know what resources you can turn to when you are overwhelmed.

Be Honest

Be honest with yourself, be straightforward with your professors, and own the choices you make.

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