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Order Ahead- Dining Services mobile ordering app

How to get started: If you have an Android phone, go to the Google Play Store, or if you have an iPhone, go to the iTunes app store and search for Touchnet Order Ahead (Global Payments Inc.) Download the app. Once you open the app, you will see schools listed, choose Gettysburg College. To use your Dining$ or meal plan choose Log In with Campus ID. Use your existing college credentials to log in.

How it works: Once you’re logged in choose the area you would like to order from. Then you can scroll through the menu items and add them to your cart. For the freshest possible foods, you should not order more than 20-30 minutes ahead of when you’d like to pick it up. Once the items you want are in your cart, you can checkout, by clicking campus card or credit card. Once you choose your payment method, click pay at the bottom. It will ask you to confirm by clicking pay, and will tell you about how long until your items are ready.  You will receive a notification that says your Order Ready, Your order number xxx is now ready! Please bring your phone with the QR code for your order so we can identify that we are giving you the correct order.

Rewards: Rate the app 1,000 points, Link payment card 1,000 points, add a profile picture 1,000 points, and each purchase get 10 points for each dollar spent.  Use the points to join contests or purchase rewards. Rewards can be coupons for free drinks, apparel, or other items.

Available stores:

BEX- The store for the Bullet Hole. If campus card is showing, then you can click between meal exchange, Gift Card, and Dining$ depending on what store you are using. Bullet Express works with your existing meal plan, just like it works in the Bullet Hole. If you can use a “meal” in the Bullet Hole, you can use a “meal” on Bullet Express. Dining$ and Gift Card work the same way, and you can also use a credit card