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Meal plan details

There are many advantages to having a meal plan including the conveniences of having someone else do the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning and giving you more time to spend studying and socializing.

Our Award Winning Dining Services offers a variety of food choices from an all you care to eat facility that includes comfort and wellness foods, to quick, grab ’n go options.

As an added incentive, only students on a meal plan receive a discount (15% at Servo and 10% elsewhere) BulletBuck$ at any of our campus dining locations and BEX (Bullet Express App). Patrons with no meal plan will pay the same as the cash price. As long as you have your ID Card there is never any need to carry cash in order to eat on campus. For your convenience you can change your meal plan and add account funds in one location.

Summer Meal Plan - $125/week

2 Meals per day (reset every day)

The Summer meal plan was created at the request students remaining on campus. Meals can be used in the form of an exchange at the Bullet Hole. Schedules for these areas will be posted on this page and updated frequently. As this is a traditional meal plan, one meal per meal period. Lunch is from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and Dinner is from 3:00 pm to close.

  • 2 Meals per day (reset every day)
  • Meal Exchange at Bullet Hole

Summer Meal Plan Information

The Bullet Hole will be open daily 11:30 6:30 p.m. until August 16, 2021.
Please visit the Summer Meal Plan page for updates and daily specials.

Daily Menu

Rotating Choice of Desserts

Abe's FavsHigher BredGrab and Go
Burgers Turkey Veg/Ranch Cup
Chicken Ham Veg/PB Cup
Italian Chicken Chicken Salad Veg/Hummus Cup
Wild Rice Blend Tuna Salad Fresh Fruit Salad
Fries Hummus Side Salad
Beer Battered Fish
- Baked
- Fried
- American
- Swiss
- Provolone
- Shredded
- Vegan
Chobani Yogurt
Eggs to Order Chopped Green Leaf Seasonal Fruit
Veg to Order Spinach Apple Sauce
Wings Cucumbers Pasta Fiesta Salad
Veggie Burger Sliced Tomatoes Grapes
Grilled Tofu Banana Peppers Super Bullet
Chicken Nuggets Pickles
Meatless Chicken/Tofu Garbanzo Beans
Fried Portabellos
- Roasted Red
- Sweet
- Green
Red Onion
Chopped Broccoli
Black Olives