Search Committees (IPP)

Effective November 30, 2017, all faculty recruitment searches must have an Inclusion Partner. Under this program, Inclusion Partners are trained volunteers who serve as the diversity educators on each search committee at the college to ensure that women, minorities and other diverse candidates are treated fairly throughout the hiring process and to help others better understand and appreciate the benefits of an inclusive workforce. Inclusion Partners for faculty searches are tenured faculty.

Faculty Inclusion Partners are tasked with the following:

  1. Ensure that the position announcement and related advertisements are written to attract a wide range of prospective applicants and to assist with the development of the recruitment plan;
  2. Ensure that adequate and reasonable deadlines are set for the search process to be conducive to reaching a wide range of prospective applicants;
  3. Assist the chair of the search committee to ensure that the college’s recruitment processes are followed.
  4. Help establish selection criteria early in the process that do not negatively impact any group of applicants and monitor to make sure these criteria are applied fairly;
  5. Ensure that candidates with a disability who can perform the essential functions of the job with or without an accommodation are not excluded from consideration. Ensure that reasonable accommodations are made, if requested by candidates. Note: Self-identification is not required at the interview stage. Contact Human Resources for assistance as needed.
  6. Assist the search committee with the development of their interview questions.
  7. Attend all scheduled committee meetings and actively participate in the search process (including phone and campus interviews).
  8. Watch for unconscious biases in the hiring process and be willing to address it appropriately with search committee members.

Before Posting a Position:
The Search Chair should designate an Inclusion Partner for the search committee from within the department.

List of current Faculty Inclusion Partners.

Although all committee members need to be trained on issues of diversity and inclusion and make sure best practices in fair and open searches are followed, the Inclusion Partner can help the committee stay focused on these efforts.

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