Inclusion Partner Program (IPP) for Administrative and Staff Positions Searches

Effective January 1, 2018, all full-time and part-time, regular administrative and support staff recruitment searches must have an Inclusion Partner sit in on the search process. Our Inclusion Partners have been well trained to ensure that our search processes are exhaustive and offer due consideration to all candidates.

Inclusion Partners are tasked with the following:

  • Assist the search chair in the development of the vacancy announcement, the evaluation criteria and the recruitment plan (The plan is only required for Administrative searches).
  • Assist the search committee with the development of their interview questions.
  • Attend all scheduled committee meetings and actively participate in the search process (including phone and campus interviews).
  • Educate the search committee on unconscious bias, appropriate interview questions, etc.
  • Watch for unconscious biases in the hiring process and be willing to address it appropriately with search committee members.

Before Posting a Position:

The Search Chair must select an Inclusion Partner to join their search committee. The Search Chair should select an Inclusion Partner from outside of their department. If the Search Chair is unable to add an Inclusion Partner from another department, they must, at the very least, choose an individual who does not report to them to serve as the Inclusion Partner.

List of current Inclusion Partners.

Although all committee members need to be trained on issues of diversity and inclusion and make sure best practices in fair and open searches are followed, the Inclusion Partner can help the committee stay focused on these efforts.

All full-time and part-time positions lasting a year or more are subject to the full search requirements. The College encourages as broad-based a search as possible for these positions. For most administrative positions, a national search is required.

Managers and supervisors will only be permitted to waive the search process in the following situations:

  • Temporary appointments that last 1 year or less – however a newly-hired temporary employee may not move into the position on an on-going basis without doing a full search (national search for administrative positions)
  • Departmental restructure or reorganization
  • Previous search pool for identical position – Search conducted within the previous four months or less
  • Formal reclassifications of existing positions
  • Internal promotions within the same department – Only if there are no other possible internal employees qualified to move into the position, otherwise an expedited search may be allowed.

To waive a search, managers must complete the Employment Search Waiver Request and send it to Jennifer Lucas for review and approval prior to making any final arrangements or speaking with the impacted employee(s).

If you have any questions about this new process, please contact Jennifer Lucas or Cassandra Fockler.

Faculty Inclusion Partner (IP) Information

Current Faculty Inclusion Partners