Office Directory


Accounts Payable Supervisor

Brandy Briggs, email:
Phone: 717-337-6290

  • Invoices, reimbursements
  • Pcard audits
  • Foreign (nonresident) payments
  • 1099 reporting

Accounts Payable Assistant

Position Vacant, email:
Phone: 717-337-6201

  • Audit, processing invoices & reimbursements
  • Travel advances


Jim Orner, email:
Phone: 717-337-6221

  • Recording receipts
  • Deposits, wires, ACH payments
  • Petty cash requests
  • Notary services

Payroll Supervisor

Nicki Wilson, email:
Phone: 717-337-6216

  • Payroll processing
  • CNAV time sheets
  • Wage tax reporting

Payroll Assistant

Melissa Lafferty, email:
Phone: 717-337-6201

  • Payroll processing
  • CNAV time sheets

Staff Accountant

Brian Burrier, email:
Phone: 717-337-6217

  • College store and Majestic accounting
  • Conference, transportation, and dining accounting
  • Wage/benefit accounting

Staff Accountant

Erann Bear, email:
Phone: 717-337-6212

  • Fixed asset, plant fund accounting
  • Bonds payable and cash reporting

Senior Accountant

Sharon Kuhn, email:
Phone: 717-337-6224

  • Endowment, gift/grant, agency funds accounting
  • General ledger month end close
  • General interdepartmental transfers

Student Accounts Customer Service and Billing Specialist

Helen Menges, email: student
Phone: 717-337-6227

  • Billing resource for families and students
  • Processes monthly billing statements
  • Updates payment plan
  • Notary Services

Student Accounts Customer Service and Billing Specialist

Ashley Welty, email: student
Phone: 717-337-6222

  • Billing resource for families and students
  • Service support
  • Payment processing

Student Systems and Loan Coordinator

Pam Wilson, email:
Phone: 717-337-6203

  • Loan note processing
  • Loan collections
  • Student account systems

Assistant Director of Procurement Services

Pat Verderosa, email:
Phone: 717-337-6225

  • Procurement guidelines
  • Campus purchasing programs
  • Purchasing card administration

Assistant Director of Financial Services

Wendy Quinley, email:
Phone: 717-337-6249

  • Supervisor - Student Accounts and Cashiering
  • Reconciliations and reporting for billing and collections
  • Student account compliance and system functional analyst

Assistant Controller

Dawn Crockett, email:
Phone: 717-337-6297

  • Supervisor - AP and Payroll
  • Credit card processing liaison
  • Tax reporting
  • PeopleSoft financials functional analyst

Director of Financial Services/ Controller

Sharon Dayhoff, email:
Phone: 717-337-6276

  • Accounting guidelines
  • Chart of accounts structure
  • Internal control processes
  • External financial reporting and audits