Things to consider when planning to retire

Thinking of retirement? Here are a few things to consider:

Retirement Eligibility

To qualify for retirement from Gettysburg College, you must be at least 55 years of age with 10 years of full-time service.

We have three different groups of retirees:

  • Group 1 Retirees were age 60 with 15 years of service by August 31, 1991. They have all retired.
  • Group 2 Retirees were hired before January 1, 1992 and did not meet the eligibility requirements for Group 1.
  • Group 3 Retirees were hired January 1, 1992 and after.

Health Insurance

As a Group 2 or Group 3 retiree under age 65, you have access to our group medical insurance coverage.

Through the Emeriti program, you are eligible to enroll in the group health insurance underwritten by Aetna. The group plans are available to you once you retire and enroll in Medicare Part A and B.

As a retiree of Gettysburg College, you will have access to your Emeriti Health Account.

Emeriti enables you to preserve your tax-deferred 403(b) assets and instead use the tax-free money in your Emeriti savings for reimbursement of qualified medical expenses. The funds are available for you, your spouse / partner, and any qualified IRS dependents.

To learn more about the Emeriti benefit visit


As you plan for retirement, we strongly encourage you to set up a financial consultation with our TIAA representative who comes to campus on a monthly basis. Follow this link to set up this important meeting

Additionally, you may want to take advantage of contacting our local Office of Aging. They are an excellent resource -

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