Tuition Grant

Gettysburg College Grant Plan

Dependent children of College employees who have been accepted for admission at another qualified institution will receive from the College as a payment on their tuition charges a grant paid to the student's institution. The amount of the grant will be 30% of Gettysburg College's tuition and mandatory fees. The total amount of such tuition grant, when added to all other financial aid grants awarded to such child, shall not exceed the total cost of attendance for tuition, mandatory fees, room, board, textbooks and required course materials. The benefits provided under any one or both of these programs are limited to four full-time academic years, or the equivalent thereof, of undergraduate work in an accredited four-year college or university while the student is in candidacy for the bachelor’s degree. Distance learning is not covered by this benefit.

Dependent children of eligible College employees may enroll at Gettysburg College as guest students if they are approved by the Director of Admissions as meeting the standards required of other guest students. During the regular academic year, the College will remit tuition up to two courses per term taken for credit by such guest students, but will charge all other fees applicable to such students. If the dependent children are subsequently admitted to candidacy for the bachelor's degree at Gettysburg College or any other accredited four-year college/university, any course in any one term or summer taken as a guest student under the provisions of this paragraph will be counted as a quarter semester against the student's eligibility for tuition aid as a degree candidate as defined above in this section.

Dependent children and their parent(s) must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 2 during the initial admission process. The Financial Aid Office will notify the student if a FAFSA is required in subsequent years.

Students receiving outside awards or grants must report these amounts to the Human Resources and Risk Management Office. These outside awards may be used to cover the cost of room, board, mandatory fees, required texts or other required course materials. If the total amount of aid received, including the Gettysburg College Tuition Remission or the Gettysburg College Grant exceeds the cost of attendance at Gettysburg College or another institution (tuition, room, board, mandatory fees, texts and required course materials), the Gettysburg College Tuition Remission or Gettysburg College Grant will be reduced accordingly.