JCCTL Excellence In Teaching Award

The JCCTL Excellence in Teaching Award is given to an exceptional teacher on the basis of a faculty member’s quadrennial review where excellence in teaching has come to the fore as so exceptional that it stands apart from the work of many other gifted teachers. It is awarded during the final Faculty meeting in the year the quadrennial review was submitted.

Award recipients:


Zhining Hu

Chris Kauffman

Kimberly Spayd


Felica Else


Dr. Clif Presser, Associate Professor of Computer Science


Educational Technology Department/IT Division

Eric Remy, Sharon Birch, Kaylynn Kibler, Travis Mathna, Mark Rosensteel, Carrie Szarko, Josh Wagner


Dr. Megan Adamson Sijapati, Professor of Religious Studies


Dr. Brendan Cushing-Daniels, Professor of Economics


Dr. Laurel Cohen, Professor of German Studies

Dr. Sharon Stephenson, Chairperson/Sahm Professor of Physics

2014 - 2015
Dr. Timothy Shannon, Chair, and Professor of History

2013 - 2014
Dr. Bela Bajnok, Alumni Professor of Mathematics, Mathematics - Sciences

2012 - 2013
Dr. Kristin Stuempfle, Department Co-Chair of Health Sciences