Academic Support

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In-office support

First-Year mentoring

First-year students meet weekly and in first-year group sessions with the Executive Director of Multicultural Engagement. During these meetings students discuss their academic progress, schedule, goals, time management and personal concerns. These open discussions provide support to students as they map their college years, choose majors, plan coursework, prepare for off-campus study and build lifelong relationships.

Upper-Class mentoring

Sophomores, juniors and seniors have the opportunity to meet bi-weekly with the Director of the office to have one on one conversation about their academic and social tenure at Gettysburg College. These guided conversations are focused on helping students navigate academics, declaring a major, studying off-campus, career/internship opportunities and life beyond Gettysburg College as they matriculate.

Mosaic Cupboard

What is the Mosaic Cupboard?
Mosaic Cupboard was created by the OME staff in August of 2018. The cupboard provides toiletries and other essential items to students currently enrolled at Gettysburg College.
Who is eligible for the Mosaic Cupboard?
Enrolled Gettysburg College students.
How does the Mosaic Cupboard work?

Students can go to the Mosaic Cupboard order form and submit a request for the items they need using a pin number (last four digits) of their student ID number. Once your order is prepared and ready for pick up you will receive an email. A bag containing the requested items with the corresponding pin number will be placed in the cupboard for pickup.

Mosaic Cupboard order form

Where is the Mosaic Cupboard located?
The Mosaic Cupboard is on the Main floor of the Office for Multicultural Engagement (OME).
How can I support the Mosaic Cupboard?
The cupboard is made possible by the generosity of various students, staff, faculty and administrators. If you would like to donate items to the Mosaic Cupboard, they can be dropped off during our regular hours (M–F, 8:30am–5pm). Donate items from out Amazon Wish List.

Academic Success Workshops

ASW have been created to help give students additional tools to be successful with their course work. Faculty members work with students on specific focus areas to improve study, writing and research skills. The workshops below will focus on writing and science specifically.

Mosaic Minds

The Mosaic Minds was created by a student in 2018. The idea of this program is to help students who need textbook assistance for the whole semester, free of charge. Please fill out the Mosaic Minds form. If you have further questions please contact Amanda Shull.

Mosaic Minds form

Partnership support

Online textbook resources

Text for class can be costly, this resource provided by the Musselman Library assist students with finding low to no cost alternatives to textbooks.

Health and counseling services