Counseling and Wellness Services

Are you ready to schedule an initial appointment with Counseling and Wellness Services? You can: with the subject line: “Appointment Request”
Call: 717-337-6960
In-Person: Office Hours for scheduling are 9:00am - 5:00 pm daily when classes are in session

If you need immediate assistance, please call Campus Safety at 717-337-6911

Welcome to the Counseling and Wellness Center at Gettysburg College. 

Our Counseling and Wellness Center offers a wide variety of supportive services that focus on students’ emotional growth and well-being throughout their college years. Our focus is on helping students to develop deeper self-awareness and to acquire the skills and resources necessary to thrive during their college years and beyond. Students are encouraged to use our support services in order to meet their personal wellness goals in addition to participating in our campus wide outreach programs.

Services offered

Education and Outreach

  • Topic specific wellness and prevention psychoeducational programs
  • Trainings for student groups and college staff/faculty
  • Campus-wide awareness raising campaigns
  • Consultations & assessments

Direct Student Services

Counseling and Wellness Services offers free, confidential counseling and supportive services to currently enrolled students who are studying on campus during the academic year. These services include:

  • Consultation and assessment
  • Short term individual and group counseling (1-10 sessions, typically)
  • Teletherapy with BetterMynd
  • Drop-Ins: 30 minute, solution-focused sessions for urgent/crisis issues
  • Resource referrals
  • Medication management (limited to current therapy clients for one year of service)
  • Support for students who want to help a friend

Peer Educators PEEPS

Peers Educating and Encouraging Peers to Succeed (PEEPS) are trained peer educators that provide support to fellow students for academic stress, adjusting to college, homesickness, relationships, time management, sleep and general wellbeing.

Resources for Helping a Friend

Resources for Parents and Families

Ready for Help?

  • For a Consultation (first time) Appointment:

Students who are new to Counseling and Wellness Services or who haven’t been seen in 3 or more months may self-schedule a first time Consultation Appointment through the Medicat Patient Portal. If there are no convenient appointment times available, please call (717) 337-6960 or email to schedule your Consultation. During your Consultation Appointment, you will share your current difficulties and the outcome you seek. Together, with the clinician, you will develop a plan that will best support your needs. Current students can access their Student Medicat Patient Portal here.

  • For Urgent Concerns:

For an urgent or crisis situation, students should come to the Counseling and Wellness Center Drop-In Hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm M-F when classes are in session. These are 30 minute solution focused sessions that may include a mental health assessment when appropriate.

Students may also call Counseling and Wellness Services at 717-337-6960 to discuss the situation before coming to the center. 

  • Emergencies After Business Hours and on Weekends:

Call Campus Safety at 717-337-6911 and ask the operator to contact the Counselor On Call or
Call Wellspan Mobile Crisis at 717-851-5578 or

Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

The Counseling and Wellness Center is committed to creating an affirming environment for all students and supporting each student’s personal, social and emotional concerns. We value each student’s unique needs based on their individual experience and background, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, expression, and religious beliefs.


Counseling and Wellness Services


Counseling and Wellness Services
Campus Box 424
250 Broadway (Behind the dining hall)
Mailing Address:
300 North Washington Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325





Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday 8:30 am – 7:00 pm
Fridays 8:30 am – 5: 00 pm
Drop-Ins (for urgent/crisis only) 9:00 am – 4:00 pm daily