Ombuds Office

Opened in spring 2019, the Ombuds Office of Gettysburg College provides a confidential place for employees to discuss workplace concerns, identify options, and discover problem-solving strategies to constructively address workplace disputes and problems. The Ombuds Office is open to all categories of employees and faculty to help resolve workplace issues.

The Ombuds Office supports an ethical and civil culture, encouraging mutual understanding and resolution through respectful dialogue and fair processes.

Who visits the Ombuds Office?

The office is open to all Gettysburg College employees, including faculty, staff, administrators, full-time, part-time, and casual.

Why visit the Ombuds Office?

Visitors to the Ombuds Office come to informally discuss any issues affecting their work. Options can range from just talking to exploring formal grievance procedures and lots in between.

What is the Ombudsperson’s role?

The Ombudsperson’s role is to a) listen and help you identify issues, goals and the options available to you and b) empower you to make your own decisions regarding next steps.

What makes the Ombuds Office unique?

  • Confidentiality: Information shared by any visitor will not be disclosed without the visitor’s permission except as required by law or when the Ombuds determines there may be an immediate risk of serious harm. The Ombuds Office does not maintain records that identify visitors to the office.
  • Neutrality: The Ombudsperson does not serve as an advocate for any party to a dispute. The Ombudsperson does advocate for productive communication and fair processes.
  • Independence: The Ombuds Office is independent in structure, function and appearance.
  • Informality: The Ombuds Office does not participate in any formal adjudicative or administrative procedures.

What are some typical concerns brought to the Ombuds Office?

While any work-related issue may be brought to the Ombudsperson, some typical concerns are:

  • Career Management
  • Discrimination
  • Work/Academic Environment
  • Illness and Disability
  • Communication with Colleagues
  • Policies and Requirements
  • Harassment

Options to address workplace concerns include:

  • Coaching about verbal and written communications
  • Facilitation of one-on-one or group meetings to raise and address issues or concerns
  • Shuttle diplomacy to deliver information between people
  • Information about policies, procedures and resources

The Ombuds Office is happy to visit any department, group, or office to discuss the services provided.

Schedule a Visit

To set up a meeting with the Ombuds , you may call (717) 337-7099 or email the Office at To help assure the confidentiality of all parties involved, if you leave a voice mail or send an email to the Office, just indicate that you would like to schedule a meeting. Please do not discuss the details of your concerns in the voice mail or email.

Meetings can take place in-person or virtually depending on your preference. 

In cases where a visitor has a potential conflict of interest with the current Ombuds, Kathryn Rhett has agreed to act as a backup Ombudsperson. She can be contacted via email at:

Learn about what happens during a visit.



Ombuds Office
Campus Box 2997
West Building 212K
300 N. Washington Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325