Thanksgiving holiday announcement

Dear Colleagues,

Since last March, when we began the on-going process of rethinking the ways in which we teach, live, and work because of the pandemic, I have been consistently impressed by the dedication of our faculty and staff in dealing with an unprecedented set of circumstances. There has been no playbook, and the pandemic has required creativity, adaptability, and resiliency from all of us. You have responded, as Gettysburgians always do, with hard work and a steadfast commitment to our students.

As a gesture of appreciation for all you have done during these challenging times, the College will observe the Thanksgiving holiday with a full week off (November 23-27). Administrative and support staff who work in offices and departments that do not have the flexibility to close that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will have an extra three days off to use as leave time between November 30, 2020, and May 31, 2021. Our academic calendar, final exams week, and winter break will proceed as scheduled.

The week of Thanksgiving seems a particularly appropriate moment for the College to express its thanks to you. Please take this time to rest and recharge alongside your loved ones, with the deepest appreciation of a College that is better for all you do for our community.


Bob Iuliano