Standing together with our Jewish community – April 29, 2019

Dear members of the campus community,

About six months ago, many of us gathered on campus to remember those who were killed in an attack on the Jewish community at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. As Jews gathered for the conclusion of Passover this past weekend, another attack in a California synagogue left one dead and several wounded.

These demonstrations of hate and violence are all too common in our world today.  They leave us grief-stricken and yearning for a time when there will be peace and understanding. This week also marks Yom Hashoah, a time of remembrance for Holocaust victims.

As a community connected by a set of shared values, I trust that we will offer comfort and support to one another in the wake of such violence and hate. I ask you to reach out in support of our Jewish students, faculty, staff, and alumni; and I ask you to take a stand against the rising tide of anti-Semitism that is occurring around the globe.


Janet Morgan Riggs