Inauguration Weekend thank you – September 30, 2019

Dear campus community:

As the echoes of the inauguration weekend begin to soften, I want to thank the scores of people who helped make the two days a wonderful celebration of Gettysburg College. The panels and exhibits were fascinating; thank you to the faculty, students, and staff who conceived of them, participated in their presentation, and so effectively portrayed our intellectual and creative sides. The music that accompanied the day set the perfect tone; thank you to the symphony and the choir for lifting our spirits and sights. The campus looked stunning, and drew compliments from those who had not previously visited; to the entire facilities team, from those setting up the venue to those landscaping the campus, thank you for helping us put our best foot forward. Dining Services, as always, was everywhere, and, as always, left everyone commenting on how exceptional everything was; thank you for keeping our guests well-nourished and well hydrated on a (very) warm Gettysburg fall day. The greetings at the installation ceremony were each welcoming and brilliant; thank you to everyone who stepped to the podium and represented the College so well. The student performances at the CUB on Saturday night left everyone wanting more; thank you for putting an exclamation point on a great Gettysburg weekend. Finally, everything was so perfectly executed, as many guests noted to me; thank you to the inauguration team, to Katie Barako, to all of the volunteers throughout the campus, and to everyone who made the whole weekend possible.

If you heard my installation comments, I noted that the announcer for the Boston Red Sox had a trademarked call – “mercy” – when something extraordinary happened on the playing field. Well, if he were commenting on the extraordinary effort of the community during the inauguration, there is no doubt what he would say. Thank you for a memorable, Gettysburg weekend!

Very truly yours,

Bob Iuliano