They did it! Women's Lax wins the NCAA National Division III Championship!

Dear Gettysburg alumni and parents,

They did it! Our women’s lacrosse team has won the NCAA National Division III Championship! I couldn’t be prouder of them, and I wanted to share the news so that you can share this Gettysburg pride!

Congratulations to this tremendous group of women’s lacrosse student-athletes who have not only demonstrated terrific athletic ability and teamwork, but who have represented Gettysburg College with great class both on and off the field. And kudos to their amazing coach Carol Cantele ’83, whose leadership and coaching ability are without peer, and to her talented assistant coaches Barb Jordan and Kate Fowler. Congratulations and thanks also go to our athletic trainers and staff, and everyone who has supported the Bullets on this magical run through the NCAA tournament. This is a true team—in every sense of the word—and they have certainly inspired us all by their dedication, hard work, and collaboration.

I want to thank our alumni—particularly our former women’s lacrosse players—for their encouragement of our student-athletes this season, and for laying the groundwork for the continued success of our women’s lacrosse program. This is our second women’s lacrosse national championship—with our 2011 team bringing home the first—and it’s clear that this year’s team stands on the shoulders of those who have come before them.  

I also want to acknowledge our women’s lacrosse parents. These daughters they have raised are remarkable young women! There is no question that our parents’ loyal support of this fabulous team has played a big role in their success.  

Again, my sincere and hearty congratulations to our women’s lacrosse team on this great achievement! If you have yet to do so, be sure to check out our championship recap coverage and help us share the news about this national championship team.

With great pride,

Janet Morgan Riggs ’77