Letter to campus community regarding student protest - November 18, 2016

Dear members of the campus community,

Yesterday a group of students began a sit-in on the steps of PA Hall to speak out against hate speech and to promote respect on campus.  These students then came to the faculty meeting where they spoke about their experiences with acts of bias and hateful rhetoric our campus.  I was personally moved, as were many of our faculty who expressed their appreciation for the courage of these students in coming to the meeting and sharing their stories.

This group of students continued their sit-in overnight outside of PA Hall, and they plan to continue today. I encourage you to stop by to show your support, share perspectives, and engage in discussion about how to improve the campus climate.  Their goal is to assure that all students on our campus are respected and treated with decency, a goal that we should all be able to embrace.

A letter from these students to the campus community can be found in today’s online edition of the Gettysburgian.  I encourage you to read that letter, to listen to their stories and concerns, and to consider what you can do to help make our community more inclusive.  As we consider next steps, I ask each member of this community to show more kindness, compassion, and appreciation for one another.


Janet Morgan Riggs