Bias Response and Education Protocol

August 7, 2023

Dear Campus Community,

As part of an extensive assessment carried out by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) this past academic year on the College’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies, procedures, and practices, it became clear that we needed to clarify and improve a number of reporting systems, including the existing bias reporting procedure.

This preliminary analysis, which included outreach and conversations with a wide range of campus constituents and Gettysburg alumni, culminated in the creation of a representative working team of students, faculty, administrators, and support staff. This team—alongside Chief Diversity Officer Eloísa Gordon-Mora—spearheaded the revision of our bias process and definitions last semester.

The dedicated work, as outlined in February, consisted of a close examination of best practice and comparable models; clarification of definitions relating to regulated and unlawful behavior, in contrast to conduct and actions that do not violate policy but may nonetheless affect the educational environment at the College; and an articulation of the necessary steps for the College to develop a more transparent and time-bound process that is focused on education and restorative practices.

Today, we are pleased to share the result of this campus-wide effort: a revised Bias Response and Education Protocol.

We understand that since “bias” and “discrimination” may seem similar, it can be difficult to differentiate between these terms. This fall semester, D&I will provide a series of educational workshops and modules for all members of the campus community—students, faculty, administrators, and support staff—to further clarify and deepen our collective understanding on what constitutes a bias incident versus a discriminatory act, and the associated implications and responses to each. In a future communication, D&I will present a calendar of those workshops for all interested parties to join.

In support of this important work, Amanda Blaugher will assume an expanded role at the College. Previously Title IX Director, Amanda will now serve as Title IX Coordinator and Director of Civil Rights Compliance and Education. In this position, Amanda will be working in a shared arrangement with Kris Stuempfle, Chief of Staff and Strategic Advisor to the President, on lawful compliance matters and with Dr. Gordon-Mora on bias responses and education.

We invite you to review the protocol and share your questions with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion. We also want to express our deepest thanks, once again, to the team that helped us with this revision:

  • Students: Allie Acero, Hannah Repole, and Colton Ward
  • Faculty: Verónica Calvillo, Bret Crawford, and Kevin Pham
  • Administrators: Cristina García, Elizabeth Farner, and Renica Minott
  • Support Staff: Carrie Small, Caleb Jones, and Jesse Mains

Our thanks to this team and all of you for your commitment to Gettysburg College.


Bob Iuliano

Eloísa Gordon-Mora
Chief Diversity Officer