Confronting Antisemitism

November 7, 2023

Dear Campus Community,

Over the past several weeks, we have watched with growing alarm and distress the rise in antisemitic activity in our nation and across the world. College and university campuses have experienced some of these hateful events, but have also been places where communities have come together to fight hate in all its forms.

Here at Gettysburg, we are responding to an antisemitic incident directed at a specific member of our community. We are working closely with the community member both in our response and to support them. Out of respect for their privacy, we will not provide any further details about the incident or the person to whom it was directed. As part of the College’s assessment of next steps, we have sought to understand whether the incident poses any threat to the community at large, and have been assured that it does not.

Nonetheless, since October 7, the College has been coordinating closely with law enforcement agencies. The Gettysburg Police Department has increased its presence on campus, including at Hillel and other locations where our community gathers. We are also continuing to monitor the situation on campus, in the area, and beyond, and we intend to continue these heightened security measures for the foreseeable future.

Now, as much as ever, we need to come together as a community to support one another and to actively reject antisemitism and hate of every kind. Free speech is protected on our campus—violence and hate are not.

At times, the work of addressing hate in our world can seem beyond the reach of any individual. It is not. It starts by the simple acts of compassion, presence, and support we provide in our daily interactions with one another, in both physical and—nowadays, crucially—in virtual settings. It asks only that we consistently recognize each other’s common human dignity. Every step we take in these directions—on campus and at this moment—helps move us toward a more just, caring, and inclusive society.

In this spirit, we encourage you to attend the upcoming Peace Observance organized by a group of interfaith and intercultural students with the support of various offices on campus. The Observance will be held at the Peace Pole on Wednesday, November 15, at 5 p.m. All are welcome.

As a reminder, a listing of campus resources is below:

  • If you experience or witness an act of bias, please report it as soon as you are able.
  • If you feel as though you are in immediate danger, please contact the Gettysburg Police Department at 911.
  • All students – Jeremy Garskof, Jewish Life Advisor at or 717-337-6892
  • For classroom support on addressing antisemitism – Stephen Stern, Jewish Studies at or 717-337-6461
  • All students and employees – Chaplain Bright, Religious and Spiritual Life at or 717-337-6282

At a time when the world needs good models of an inclusive community, we can do what we do best: come together in the spirit of mutual understanding and support. Thank you for everything you do every day to advance this unfinished work.


Bob Iuliano

Eloísa Gordon-Mora
Chief Diversity Officer