Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

Gettysburg College faculty and students are committed to advancing knowledge within their respective academic disciplines. In order to accomplish this goal most effectively, the college community believes that adherence to strict safety standards essential. An initiative led by the CDC and the NIH has led to the acceptance and use of national biosafety guidelines for research.

As part of a commitment to providing a healthy and safe environment for research and learning, Gettysburg College requires compliance with these guidelines, which can be found online at NIH-guidelines.

To ensure compliance with these guidelines, the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) has been charged with reviewing, approving, and maintaining documentation on all protocols involving recombinant DNA and other potentially hazardous biological materials including animal and plant pathogens, human cell lines and tissues, toxins, viral vectors, carcinogens, and the use of transgenic organisms. Depending on the work being done within a lab, it will be categorized at the proper biosafety level, and proper training through the CITI program will be recommended for anyone undertaking the work described.

All Gettysburg College faculty members undertaking work that might fit under these regulations must complete the Biosafety Review Form (available here) and submit this by email to the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs. The IBC will review their answers to determine whether further steps are required.

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Questions should be addressed to Katherine Buettner at

  • Katherine Buettner, Associate Professor of Chemistry, IBC Chair
  • Kurt Andresen, Professor of Physics
  • Michelle Schmidt, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • Jeremy Kuhar, Lecturer of Chemistry
  • Jennifer Powell, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Kari Anne Peter, Community Member
  • Hans Winzeler, Community Member