Major Checklist

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Effective with the Class of 2021

To advance to a course with prerequisites, a minimum grade of “C-” is required for each prerequisite course.

A student completing a Computer Science major course may not concurrently or subsequently be enrolled in a prerequisite, alternate prerequisite, or non-major Computer Science course.

I.___________________CS 107 (if completed before Fall 2020) or 111 (if exempt, then a CS elective course must be taken)

___________________CS 112 (if exempt, then a CS elective course must be taken)

___________________CS 201 or Math 215

___________________CS 216

___________________CS 221

___________________CS 301

___________________CS 440 (to be taken in the senior year)

II. Three CS elective courses (non-core) at the 200- or 300-level, optionally including at most one of the following: Bio 251, Math 353, 366, Phy 240, Psych 315, Psych 316 or 338.





Four formal and/or natural science courses from formal and/or natural science departments, at most two of which may be at the 100-level. Formal sciences include Computer Science and Mathematics. Natural sciences include Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Health Science, and Physics.





IV. Math 111 or above, 105-106 (Not included in major average)


Note: CS 103 does not count toward the major requirements.


Revised 02/2020