Major Checklist

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____________One globally-oriented course, numbered in the 100s


____________Hist 300

III. Three History courses at 300-level (May include AFS 375)


IV. Four other History courses, no more than one may be at the 100-level. (This 100-level course may be one advanced placement credit or  FYS 149, 153, 170-3.) May include AFS 262, 331, 375, CLA 251, 252, CWES 205, and with a double major or minor in History and French, FREN 310. And with a double major or minor in History and German, GER 285 or GER 312.

May not count both CWES 205 and History 345 for credit towards the major.


V. ___________Senior Seminar (400-449)

VI. Area distribution:
One 200 or 300-level History course must come from at least four of the following areas:

__________North Amer



__________Latin Amer




Of the 10 courses required for the History major, a minimum of 7 must have the HIST designator and be taken at Gettysburg College.

Revised 6/2017