Major Checklist

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Effective with the Class of 2020

_____________ Introduction to Drawing (ARTS 141)

Core Studios (All have ARTS 141 as pre-requisite)

_____________ Introduction to Painting (ARTS 251)
_____________ Introduction to Printmaking (ARTS 255)
_____________ Introduction to Sculpture (ARTS 261) (May include ARTS 146)
_____________ Introduction to Ceramics (ARTS 263)

Upper-level Studios   Two second-level Studio core courses (or a second level drawing)   

_____________ Studio 1
_____________ Studio 2

Elective Studio   One elective Studio course (may use approved media or internship)

Theory and History   Three courses in theory and history: Must include one entry-level survey in art history (ARTH 125 or 126) and one upper-level course on the history of art after 1945 (ARTH 318).  Third course may include FYS 188, 197, PHIL 334 or any other art history course.

___________ Major Capstone course  (ARTS 401)

May use no more than two transfer or off-campus study courses toward the minimum requirements for the major.

Revised 3/2019