Major Checklist

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Chemistry Major, BA

Check Sheet

Twelve courses, eight in Chemistry, are required for the Chemistry major, Bachelor of Arts.

Eight Chemistry Courses

  • CHEM 107 Chemical Structure & Bonding
  • CHEM 108 Chemical Reactivity
  • CHEM 203 Organic Chemistry 1: Structure and Mechanism 
  • CHEM 204 Organic Chemistry 2: Reactivity and Chemical Synthesis
  • CHEM 222 Chemistry: Contemporary Issues & Practices
  • CHEM 305 Physical Chemistry 1: Chemical Thermodynamics & Kinetics or CHEM 307 Biophysical Chemistry
    CHEM 306 Physical Chemistry 2: Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy, can be taken in place of CHEM 305, but MATH 211 is a pre-requisite for CHEM 306.
  • Two additional CHEM courses at the 200, 300, or 400-level, at least one must have a lab or be a lab only course.

Four Courses from Other Departments

  • PHY 109 Introductory Physics I
  • PHY 110 Introductory Physics II
  • MATH 111 Calculus I
  • MATH 112 Calculus II


  • Students intending to take Chemistry 107/108 must take a placement test prior to enrolling in Chemistry 107. Chemistry 107-I and Chemistry 108-I, which provide students with extra support through weekly recitation sections, count as the equivalent to Chemistry 107 and Chemistry 108.