Major Checklist

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East Asian Studies Major - Japan

Check sheet

Eleven courses and a study abroad experience are required for the EAS – Japan major.

Core Courses

  • AS 110 Japanese Culture & Society
    AS 110 is recommended for first and second year students, but cannot be taken by those who have studied in Japan.
  • HIST 224 Modern Japan
  • JPN 301 Advanced Japanese
  • JPN 302 or another 300-level Japanese course
  • One comparative course.
    A comparative course is either a course with a broad East Asian Focus or a course focusing on China.

Two Major Electives

Three Disciplinary Courses

Capstone Experience

  • AS 400- level course taken in the form of the seminar or an independent study
    To be complete in the senior year

Study Abroad

  • Study abroad experience in Japan required.
  • If studying abroad for a semester three courses may be counted toward the major. If studying abroad for a year four courses may be counted toward the major.


  • At least one non-language course at the 300-level is required.
  • No more than three courses at the 100-level may count toward the major.
  • For students who choose Political Science, four disciplinary courses are required.
  • If double-majoring, no more than three courses can count for both majors.