Major Checklist

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Health Sciences Major, Bachelor of Sciences

Check Sheet

At least thirteen courses are required for the Health Sciences major, BS.

Four HS Core Courses

  • HS 209 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • HS 210 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • HS 230 Nutrition
  • HS Capstone. Choose one from HS 478 Capstone Summer Internship, HS 488 Capstone Seminar Class, or HS 460 Independent Capstone Research.

One HS Statistics Course

  • HS 232 Statistics for the Health Sciences, BIO 260 Biostatistics, or Math 107 Applied Statistics.

Four HS Electives at the 300-Level

  • Choose four from the following 300-level HS courses: HS 309 Exercise Medicine, HS 310 Assessment in the Health Sciences (lab), HS 311 Neuromuscular Physiology (lab), HS 312 Cardiorespiratory Physiology, HS 318 Orthopedic Anatomy (lab), HS 319 Environmental Physiology, HS 322 Global Health, HS 326 Epidemiology , HS 328 Health Equity, HS 330 Advanced Nutrition and Metabolism, HS 376 Pathophysiology of Chronic Disease, and/ or HS 390 Topics in Health Sciences.
  • Satisfy one HS elective with any two of the following natural science courses: CHEM 203, 204, BIO 211, 212, 230.
  • Two of the four 300-level HS electives must be taken in the Health Sciences Department at Gettysburg College.
  • May included up to two courses from an affiliated off-campus studies programs with approval from the HS Department Chair.

Four Natural Science Courses

  • BIO 111 Intro to Ecology & Evolution
  • BIO 112 Form and Function in Living Organisms
  • Choose one pair from CHEM 107 & 108 or PHY 103 & 104