Major Checklist

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Art History and Museum Studies Major

Check Sheet

The following courses are required for the AHMS major.

Three Archaeology, Material Culture, Museum Studies Courses

  • ARTH 215 Intro to Museum Studies or FYS 122-1 Museum Staff Only: Behind the Scenes at the Museum
  • Two courses from the following: ANTH 106, 212, 275, ANTH/ARTH 270, ANTH/LAS 232, ANTH 252/ AS 252 /352, ANTH/ CLA 255, CWES 225, CWES 250 Topic(s): Civil War Era Photography; Interpreting & Preserving Civil War Artifacts, ENG 297, FYS 112- 1 (if not used above), HIST 201, IDS 285, 325 (if taken in Fall 2023).

Five Courses with Onsite Museum Work

  • Choose five courses from the following from at least three different museums:
  • Walters Art Museum, Baltimore: ARTH 125 Survey of Western Art, ARTH 201 Arts if Ancient Greece and Rome, ARTH 202 Medieval Art
  • National Museum of Asian Art, Washington, DC: ARTH 131 Introduction to Asian Art, ARTH 234 Arts of China, ARTH 235 Chinese Painting and Aesthetics
  • National Gallery if Art, Washington, DC: FYS 197 Florence: Art, Money, and Power in the Renaissance City, ARTH 203 Northern Italian Renaissance, ARTH 307 Baroque Art in the Age of Caravaggio and Vermeer
  • Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore: ARTH 210 20th Century European Painting
  • National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington, DC: ARTH 240 Arts of the African Diaspora
  • Glenstone Museum, MD: ARTH 318 Art after 1945
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art/ Penn Museum: ARTH 245 Art of the Global Renaissance

Experiential/ Hands-on Curatorial Practice

  • ARTH 214 Methods in Art History
  • Art History Course with Exhibition or Gallery Focus. Choose from a Schmucker Art Gallery Practicum, ARTH 267 Topic: Art and Public Policy, or other experiential options like Internships or Independent Studies.


  • ARTH 400 Seminar in Art History, with project focused on Museum-related topic


  • No more than two transfer or off-campus study courses may count toward the minimum requirements for the major