Major Checklist

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East Asian Studies: China Major
Check Sheet

Effective with the Class of 2020


I.  Core Courses:

________AS 151   (Must be taken at Gettysburg College by end of Sophomore year)

________HIST 223  (Should be taken at Gettysburg College)

________CHN 301       

________CHN 302

________Comparative Course (A course with a broad East Asian focus or a course on Japan)


II.  Major Electives:

Select a course in two of the following categories that focus on your country:

Arts and Humanities, History and Social Sciences, Language (beyond requirement or in Japanese)



III.  Disciplinary Cluster: 

Two courses in a discipline and a methods course of that discipline. Courses must be approved by the EAS department.  At least one must focus on your chosen country (or East Asia).   

________Intro to discipline (Should be taken at Gettysburg College)

________East Asia related course

________Method course (Should be taken at Gettysburg College)


IV. Capstone:

________EAS Senior Seminar (Should be taken at Gettysburg College)   



V. _______  Study abroad experience required.  Courses allowed to fulfill major requirements: 3/semester; 4/year.


  • At least one non-language course at the 300-level.
  • No more than 3 courses at the 100-level.
  • If double-majoring, no more than 3 courses can count for both majors.

Revised 2/2019