Minor Checklist

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Sociology Minor

Check Sheet

Six courses are required for the minor.

Three Core Courses

  • One from SOC 101, 102, or 103 (must earn a C or better to continue in the major)
  • One from SOC 298 or SOC 299
    Must be taken at Gettysburg College
  • SOC 296 (with a grade of C or better, may only be taken once)
    Must be taken at Gettysburg College. Students who do not meet the grade requirement may petition the department to repeat the course.

Three Sociology Electives

  • 3 courses from SOC 200-290 and also SOC 331
  • After successfully completing SOC 296, sociology minors can take a Seminar in Sociological Theory (SOC 315 or 318) and it will count as a sociology elective.
  • Sociology minors can take both methods courses (SOC 298 and 299). The first will fulfill the methods requirement of the minor. The second will count as a sociology elective.


  • Only two courses may be taken outside Gettysburg College with departmental approval
  • No Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading allowed