Minor Checklist

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I.____________________Soc 101, 102, or 103 (must earn a grade of C or better to continue in the Minor)

II.___________________Soc 298 or Soc 299 (Must be taken at Gettysburg College)*

III.__________________Soc 296 (course may only be taken once and students must earn a C or better to continue in the Minor. Students who do not meet the grade requirement may petition the department to repeat the course. Must be taken at Gettysburg College.)

IV. Three Sociology Electives: SOC 200 -290 and SOC 331. One elective may be an Anthropology course.

Only two courses may be taken outside of Gettysburg College with departmental approval.

*Sociology Minors who have taken Management 301, Political Science 215, or Psychology 305 can substitute this course for the Soc Minor’s Methods requirement but are then required to take an additional Sociology Elective. Students making this substitution would need to take the following classes to fulfill the Soc Minor’s requirements: Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Sociological Theory (SOC 296), and four Sociology Electives.

After successfully completing Soc 296, Soc Minors can take a Seminar in Sociological Theory and it will count as a Sociology Elective.

Sociology Minors can take both Sociology Methods Courses (SOC 298 and 299).
The first will fulfill the Methods requirement of the Minor.
The second will count as a Sociology Elective.

No S/U grading allowed.

SOC Minor.23
Revised 2/2022