Minor Checklist

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Six courses are required for the minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

  1. Intro and Theories

_______________ WGS 120: Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

_______________ WGS 300: Theories OR WGS 310: Queer Theories

_______________ WGS 290: Practicum OR WGS 340: Methods 

II Three (3) WGS electives

_______________ One core or cross-listed course above the 100-level that focuses in-depth on

one of the following:

  • On gender, sexuality, and/or the experiences of women, outside the United States, and Europe
  • On the experiences of historically marginalized women
  • On the ways that gender intersects with other forms of inequality
  • On LGBT or Queer scholarship.

_______________ One core or cross-listed course

_______________ One additional WGS course

(core, cross-listed, affiliated, or approved courses of Individualized Study)