Minor Checklist

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Minor Check Sheet

I. ____________________CWES 205

____________________One additional CWES designated course beyond 205

II. Four electives from the list below:





All CWES courses (except CWES 205)

ANTH 106: Intro to Archaeology

ANTH 212: The Archaeology of Pennsylvania

ANTH 304: Violence and Conflict

FYS 121-3: Soldiers’ Tales

FYS 133-3: Structures of Memory: Why we Build and Topple Monuments

FYS 133-5: Constructed Memory

FYS 183: Investigate the Battlefield

FYS 183-4: Blood on the Moon: Lit of CW

FYS 185-3: Visualizing Emancipation: The African American Image, in and Around the Civil War

HIST 244: American Military History

HIST 245: Gender and the American Civil War

HIST 301: Introduction to Public History

HIST 339: Old South/New South

HIST 343: The Early Republic

HIST 344: Lincoln

HIST 345: The Civil War

HIST 346: Slavery & Emancipation

HIST 347: Gettysburg

HIST 351: Social Protest in the Nineteenth Century

HIST 352: Gender, Sexuality & the American Civil War

HIST 425: The American Civil War

ENG 237: American Realism and Naturalism

ENG 241: Literature of the Civil War Era

ENG 243: Riot, Rebellion, Revolution: The Tradition of Protest in 19th Century U.S Literature

ENG 341: American Gothic

ENG 404: American Literature

IDS 217: Civil War in Film

IDS 315: The Muse of Fire: War Stories & Culture

ARH 225: History and Theory of Photography

AFS 130: Introduction to African American Studies (sections offered by Hancock and Melton)

ITAL 285: Wartime Italy: Cinema and Novel

*PHIL 219: Philosophy of Peace and Nonviolence

*PHIL 226: Philosophy of Resistance

*POL 253: Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict

*POL 303: Topics- Civil Wars and Political Violence

*POL 347: Global Conflict Management

*POL 351: The Political Economy of Armed Conflict


- Must be in at least two different departments

- One may be an internship or individualized study


Revised 6/2022