Steps for selecting the S/U grading option for Spring 2020

Step 1

From your Student Center, under Academics, locate the drop down menu and select Grades:

Screenshot of Student Center interface with arrow directing users to click a drop down menu

Once you have selected Grades, click on the Go button:

Screenshot indicating that after grades have been selected click the Go button

Step 2

Select Spring 2020 and click Continue:

Screenshot of table showing a list of semesters to choose from including Spring 2020

Step 3

From the Official Grades Table, check the course(s) you would like to change from letter grade to S/U Grading for Spring 2020.

Please Note you will only have the option to select courses that have letter grades entered; courses with a W (withdrawn), INC (incomplete), NG (no grade) will not be available to change to S/U.

Screenshot of table with arrows indicating where to select Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory grading as an option for grades

For this example, the student would like to change the grade for BIO 112 to S/U, while keeping the letter grade for PHIL 101.

The Student would check the box for BIO 112 and click Save

Screenshot of table with box checked next to BIO 112 indicating Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory grading has been selected

Please remember to click Save- only by saving your selection will the Office of the Registrar be notified of your request to change the course to S/U.

The change from letter grade to S/U is not automatic from the Student Center; the Office of the Registrar will need to run a process to update your student record, transcript, and the Student Center. This process will be completed several times every day from May 11 to May 15.

Step 4

The Office of the Registrar will run a process that will change the letter grade to the S/U option, and depending on the grade, record the S or U for each course you have selected:

Table showing how the Registrar will change grades to Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory grading as opposed to letter grades

When the process is complete, you will be able to check the Grades from the Student Center to verify your selection has been processed for Spring 2020.