Off-Campus Living

Gettysburg is a residential college. As a residential college, we require all students to live on-campus all four years. Based on the evaluation of student enrollment and on-campus housing inventory, the decision has been made to allow exceptions for approximately 50 eligible seniors to be released from their four-year residency obligation for the 2022-2023 academic year. Release from this obligation is determined through the Off-Campus Living Application Process. Before deciding to pursue applying to live off-campus, it is critical for students to recognize the significant privilege and responsibility that comes with being a member of the local community.

There are NO GUARANTEES that all eligible applicants will be released. For this reason you SHOULD NOT sign a lease for an off-campus accommodation until you receive approval (in writing) through the application process. Students who are not approved to live off-campus must participate in the housing lottery process in March and April in order to secure on-campus housing for next year. If you do not have written permission to live off-campus, you are obligated to reside in, and pay for, college housing. This obligation is in support of Letter T in the Proscribed Code of Conduct. Violating this could result in disciplinary action. If you are approved, it is your responsibility to secure suitable accommodations.

Key Factors to Know about the Off-Campus Living Application Process:

  • There are a limited number of eligible students the College may release based on enrollment numbers for a given year. This number is approximately 50 for the 2022-2023 academic year.
  • Some eligible students may not be released (based on the pre-determined number of students approved to be released).
  • Individual students must meet eligibility requirements (see below).
  • The determining order for groups to be released is based on the average GPA of the group.
  • Upon approval, each group must submit a signed copy of the lease with all signatures of house/apartment members and landlord.
  • Note to fraternity members: Fraternity houses must be at capacity for the fall semester before fraternity members will be released to live off-campus. The Office of Residential Education (Res Ed) will work in coordination with the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life to ensure that this criterion is met.