Manage a Club

Each Gettysburg College student organization and club must register with the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life on a yearly basis in order to be recognized by Gettysburg College.

There is a registration process for maintaining leadership and membership status in the PeopleSoft program which can be accessed through the Student Center. If your club or organization needs assistance in navigating the system, please contact the Clubs Liaison. Updates should be made regularly.

Club/Organization Update Process*

*This process is for clubs that are currently active on campus and need to update their information to continue to be recognized as a student club. The Club/Organization Update Process will open near the end of the Spring semester and close in the Fall. If a club has not updated their information by the Club/Organization update deadline, which is 21 days from the start of classes, the club will lose Senate recognition if they are Senate recognized, and be classified as inactive. To regain active status, the organization must re-complete the new organization registration process and senate recognition process (if applicable).

  1. Complete the form
    1. Coming Soon! - We have an amazing new student engagement website/app that we'll be unveiling soon
  2. Advisor Confirmation
    1. Your listed advisor will be emailed to confirm their role in your organization.
  3. Update roster

Failure to update your club’s information

  1. If your club fails to submit the above forms and updates within 21 days from the start of classes, your club:
    1. Will be unable to receive any funding from Senate, if you are a Senate recognized club
    2. Will lose Senate recognition
    3. Will become inactive
    4. Will be unable to reserve a meeting space
    5. Will need to go through the registration process as if you are a newly forming club and, if you were previously a Senate recognized club, you will have to go through the Senate recognition process again

To participate in the Activities Fair, an organization must register their organization prior to the third day of classes.

Additional Information

  1. The Student Organizations Manual (PDF) serves as a primary resource in your experience as a student leader. This manual provides information regarding important Gettysburg College policies and valuable information leadership topics and event planning.
  2. Review ideas for campus publicity
  3. The Office of Student Activities & Greek Life has many additional resources that clubs and organizations can utilize as they strive to perform at their highest level.
  4. More questions? Check the FAQ or contact the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life.