Preferred Name Policy

Preferred Name

Gettysburg College’s system of record includes a preferred name field. The field is populated with the preferred name that appears on an incoming student’s Common Application. If no preferred name is entered on the Common Application, the preferred name field defaults to the student’s first name.

A preferred name may be changed through the Student Center self-service function under Campus Personal Information. Students can expect their preferred name to display on the student’s Student Center page, class rosters, Moodle, faculty advising rosters, and student ID card. In addition, a student’s preferred name may appear on internal and external communications, including those sent to parents/guardians. The College will make a good-faith effort to update reports, documents, and systems to reflect preferred names. The College reserves the right to remove a preferred name that violates College policy, disrupts College operations, or is being used for an improper or illegal purpose.

Pronouns: In support of ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive campus culture, Gettysburg College students have the option of selecting their pronouns to appear on course and advising rosters. Students may select or change their pronouns in either the First Year Dashboard or Upper-Class Dashboard.

Email Display Name: Students may request to have their email display name reflect their preferred name. Such requests must be made to the Office of College Life and Dean of Students located in CUB 220. Those requests will be reviewed for good cause and approved at the discretion of the Office of College Life and Dean of Students.

Some records, such as paychecks, transcripts, financial aid documents, and tax forms require the use of a legal name. The College will use the student’s legal name on those records. Students can contact the Office of the Registrar for information about making a legal name change through state and/or federal authorities.

The Director of LGBTQA Advocacy & Education is available to students who identify as transgender and/or gender nonconforming to discuss the implications of using a preferred name and to assist with a communication plan for notifying faculty members, advisors, and other College community members of a student’s preferred name and/or pronoun(s). Students can work with the Director of LGBTQA Advocacy & Education to submit an email display preferred name change request to the Office of College Life and Dean of Students.