All-Student Quarantine Update

Message sent September 6, 2020

Keira Kant, Associate Dean, notifies students about adjustments to the all-student quarantine.

Dear Students,

I write to you this afternoon to notify you of a change to the All-Student Quarantine, which is outlined below. Based on our assessment of the situation as the campus de-densifies, we are adjusting the all-student quarantine to allow students to leave their rooms and enjoy fresh air for longer periods of time - as long as everyone consistently wears a mask and maintains six-foot physical distancing from others. We understand that spending some time outside—safely—may make it easier for students to put up with the limitations of the quarantine and reduce some of the stress and anxiety associated with this very challenging time.

Details are listed below:

Sunday, September 6

  • From now until 8 pm - Students are welcome to be outside, pick up meals, manage personal needs (laundry, post office, bookstore, etc)

Monday, September 7 – Tuesday, September 8

  • 7am – 8pm – Students are welcome to be outside, pick up meals, manage personal needs (laundry, post office, bookstore, etc)
  • 8pm – 7am – Students should return and stay in their residences

Wednesday, September 9 – Thursday, September 9 - TESTING

  • The approved residential cohort will be tested on Wednesday, September 9 and Thursday, September 10 (specific details about date, time, location will be sent separately)
  • Following testing, students will quarantine until notified by the Health Center of test results
  • This will be similar to the start of the semester (ie, staying inside with the exception of picking up food at grab and go)

It is important to follow these important guidelines when you are outside:

  • Everyone must wear masks and maintain distance as outlined in the Student Health Agreement.
  • Please be aware of students/visitors who are moving out today and maintain distance.
  • We require that you remain on campus during this timeframe

This does not apply to students at the President’s Inn, and Super 8. Those students will receive specific instructions about getting outside.

Finally, we are aware that many students are moving quickly to move out of their rooms. If you are encountering difficulty in making arrangements to depart, please contact Residence Life at

Thank you and be well,
Keira Kant

Keira Kant ‘95 | Associate Dean
Gettysburg College | College Life | Residential & First-Year Programs
300 North Washington Street | Box 430 | Gettysburg, PA 17325
College Union Building 250 | 717.337.6901