Well done!

Message sent on October 26, 2020

President Iuliano thanks the campus community and encourages students to participate in recreational campus activities.

Dear Residential Students,

Since early summer, most of my notes to you have been focused on describing the protocols we have put in place in response to the pandemic, urging community compliance, and describing responses to testing results. All of that is important, but it’s not the purpose behind this message, which simply is to say: thank you. For the first time since testing began, we have no new positive cases. This builds on several weeks of positive cases in the low single digits. These results are not accidental, but have come about, in part, because of the commitment by you and the entire community to look out for one another by wearing masks and respecting physical distance.

I recognize that the public health requirements have made it a little more difficult than any of us would like to get to know one another and to build those enduring relationships that are a hallmark of this campus. But it is great to see students under the newly strung lights on Stine Lake, taking advantage of the fire pits that, as the days get a little cooler, invite us to sit around together. Or, to listen to students build community by making music in informal concerts. Please remember that College Life and Campus Recreation have put together a robust menu of offerings, some in person, some virtual, precisely to bring us together. If you have a moment, give one a try—maybe invite a new friend to join.

If you have ideas for activities, I would encourage you to share your ideas with the College. Our Campus Recreation team is always open to exploring new ways for our students to safely connect with one another, particularly during these times when we know such activities are extra meaningful to our community.

Keep up the good work on mask wearing and physical distancing; it is making a real difference! It may be a most unusual fall semester, but the optimism and determination you have shown reflect the true spirit of this campus.