Important Clarifications for Off-campus Students for Spring 2021

Message sent on December 14, 2020

Keira Kant, Associate Dean of College Life, clarifies details of the rules and violation rubric for students living off-campus in the spring semester.

Dear Students,

I write with a clarification to the letter sent on Tuesday, December 8 which outlined the rules and violation rubric for the spring semester. This clarification applies particularly to students living off-campus in Gettysburg. I ask you to carefully review this information as it is critical to our spring semester plans.

As we worked with students to develop our plan for the spring, one of the key themes were heard from students was the desire of students, particularly seniors, to return to campus for the spring semester. Specifically, students want to come back to campus for classes, dining, events and programs, and for access to COVID-19 testing. This conversation included seniors living off campus. It was in this spirit that the rules and communication you received last week were written.

I understand, however, that some students may be considering electing remote study for the spring semester while residing off campus in Gettysburg. Please be reminded that students electing the remote cohort will not have access to the campus or testing. I want to further clarify the rules for those who may be considering this option so you can ensure you are in compliance with college rules and expectations.

All students choosing to enroll this spring, whether you access classes remotely or in-person, will be subject to the COVID-19 rules and rubric sent to students and parents last week.

There are several, important reasons why students - particularly those living in Gettysburg - must adhere to the rules set forth. Our top priority is to protect the health and safety of all members of the campus community which the rules are specifically designed to support. During the ongoing pandemic, we have learned that off-campus gatherings of students have been a key contributor to COVID-19 transmission at colleges and universities around the country. The college has a unique relationship with the residential neighborhoods surrounding the campus and any increase in virus transmission between students and local residents places more people at risk, including students. For these reasons all students who enroll this spring will be subject to the rules and rubric for the spring semester.

I know you may still be considering many factors in advance of the December 15 deadline for your Intent Form and this information may be important in your decision-making process. If you have any questions please contact me at

Be safe and be well,