Housing selection information

Message sent on January 4, 2020

Danielle Phillips, Director of Residential & First-Year Programs, updates students about move-in and details regarding housing selection for the Spring 2021 semester.

Good evening,

It is my hope that you have experienced a healthy and enjoyable holiday season and the beginnings of a happy new year. This email contains a brief update about move-in and then details regarding housing selection for the Spring 2021 semester. You are receiving this information because you are currently part of the residential (on-campus) cohort.

Move-In Update

Before sharing information regarding the housing selection process, I want to acknowledge a related topic (move-in for the Spring 2021 semester). We are aware that many of you are anxiously awaiting details regarding move-in dates and other move-in information for the spring semester. The institution is still reviewing a number of details that influence this information, and we will be able to share more about move-in next week. Thank you for your patience as we finalize these move-in details.

Housing Selection

Important Note: A number of students have already been assigned housing as part of Phase I of the housing selection process. These students include those with documented disability housing accommodation needs, residential student staff, College House program participants, approved commuters, and students approved to live off campus in the community. If you have been assigned during Phase I of the process, you will not participate in the online housing selection lottery (Phase II of the process) and can disregard the remainder of this message.

If you do not yet have a housing assignment, you will participate in the online housing selection lottery on Wednesday, January 6 or Thursday, January 7. This email includes information regarding your housing lottery number and time, instructions on how to select apartment/suitemates and complete the housing selection when it is your turn, and what Phase III of the process entails if you do not get your preferred housing or an assignment through the lottery process. Please be reminded that it is possible that you may not get housing through the lottery, as housing availability sometimes runs out prior to everyone selecting housing. This is because some students participate in the lottery and then decide to switch to remote learning or take a leave of absence, withdraw, or take a gap semester.

Throughout the entire lottery process, please know that Residential & First-Year Programs (RFYP) staff are taking into account a number of factors, including newly-approved disability accommodations, gender ratios on floors with shared bathrooms, and other items that may arise and influence the spaces available during the lottery process.

Housing Lottery Numbers and Times

Please remember that lottery numbers were generated randomly within each class year cohort (based on anticipated degree completion date). All students within your class cohort received a lottery number, but only those students approved to be on campus in residence will receive a lottery time to participate in the housing selection process for the spring semester.

Students in the Housing Selection Lottery can now view their lottery numbers, dates, and times by logging on to CNAV/MyHousing.

Senior and junior students will participate in the housing lottery on Wednesday, January 6 from 9 a.m. until 6:40 p.m. Sophomore and first-year students will participate in the housing lottery on Thursday, January 7 from 9 a.m. until 5:20 p.m.

Upperclass Students – Selecting Apartment and Suitemates

If you are interested in selecting an apartment or suite-style space where you need to have other students in the space with you, you can log on to CNAV/MyHousing to select your apartment and suitemates. Please see the following video on instructions on how to do so: Apartment/Suitemate Selection. (Note that although the video uses the term “roommates” and mentions a previous year, it is accurate in the process you must follow to select your apartment/suitemates.)

Please remember that you must fill all apartment and suite bedrooms (with one person per bedroom) to be able to select a space. For example, if you have a group of four students, you will only be able to see four-bedroom options. You may choose to add and subtract students from your group to explore what options are available. It is recommended that you have a number of plans prepared in case your first choice is not available at your lottery time. The person with the lowest (best) lottery number/time will select housing for your entire group.

If you are not interested in living in a shared space, you do not need to select apartment or suitemates, and you can automatically see all singles available.

Approved First-Year Students: Please note that you will have the option to select into single rooms in Rice and Stine Halls only and will not be able to select any roommates, as you will be living in single bedrooms within these two halls.

Instructions for Participation in the Housing Selection Lottery

When your lottery date and time arrives, you can log in to CNAV/MyHousing to select from available spaces. Please see the following video instructions on how to do so: Room Selection. (Note that although the video mentions a previous year, it is accurate in the process you must follow to select your housing assignment.)

Phase III (Waitlist Process) Information

We encourage all students to select housing at their assigned time if there are any options available, even if the available housing is not their most desired pick.

If after the housing selection lottery this week, you do not have a housing assignment or are not satisfied with your assignment, you may participate in Phase III of the process (waitlists). More information regarding Phase III (the waitlist process) will be provided next week—the week of January 11.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to contact the Residential & First-Year Programs (RFYP) Office at residencelife@gettysburg.edu.

Take care, and be well.