Move in details for the residential cohort

Message sent on January 13, 2021

Danielle Phillips, Director of Residential & First-Year Programs, informs students in the residential cohort about the move-in process for the spring semester.

Good evening,

This email is a follow up to Dean Foster’s email sent from Covid Updates on Tuesday, January 12th, 2021 regarding the campus’ return plan for the spring 2021 semester. This email includes information on your specific move-in date and COVID-19 testing upon arrival to campus. Your arrival date is provided at the bottom of this email, but we ask that you first read these important notes and reminders.

  • In order to reduce the density of the halls during move in and to effectively manage arrival testing, Gettysburg College has assigned each student in the on-campus residential cohort a specific arrival date. You must arrive to campus on the date you are assigned.
  • Each student will be contacted by Mobile Health 5-7 days prior to their date of arrival so that they can select their specific time of arrival and testing. Testing will occur on each of the move in days between 9am and 5pm. Please continue to monitor your email for correspondence from Mobile Health from sender “No Reply” to schedule your move in and testing time.
  • Students will not be permitted to be tested and move in after 5pm on any of the move-in days.
  • Students will be tested upon arrival to campus in Plank Gym. Immediately following their test they will receive their key for move in as well as a welcome bag. Key pick up will be located at the testing site. Students are not permitted to begin the move-in process until they have been tested.
  • Students who are in the residential cohort as approved commuter students or as students approved to live off campus in the Gettysburg Community will need to also report to the testing site on the day assigned below. Similar to the on-campus students, you will be notified 5-7 days prior to your test to select a testing time. At the conclusion of your test, you can report to the table that has key distribution so that you can pick up a welcome bag.
  • Each student is permitted to have one additional person to help them move into their residence hall. Students and helpers must have a mask on throughout the entire move-in process.
  • If you or your helper are feeling unwell on your date of arrival, we ask that you please adjust your move-in plans to come at a later date. This can be done by contacting
  • Students are required to quarantine in their rooms until they receive two negative test results. Please review the email sent on January 12 for a list of activities students can complete while in quarantine. Students will be contacted by Mobile Health to sign up for their second test after they have already arrived to campus.
  • If you have significant concerns with the arrival date below, please complete this appeal form to provide your preferred move in date along with the reason for your change of date request.
    • Changes of move-in dates are only being made for extreme circumstances. Please try to adjust your plans to your assigned date if at all possible.
    • The deadline for submitting this form is Friday January 15, at noon. You will be notified of the appeal decision by Sunday, January 17, at noon.
    • Arriving on January 25th is reserved only for early arrival students, and students with extenuating circumstances. Few students will receive permission to arrive on this date.
    • The College will not be providing move in dates of January 26th through January 28th. If you will need to arrive to the Gettysburg area on a date that is not an approved campus move-in date, you will need to stay off campus until an approved move- in date.
    • If you are unable to arrive to Gettysburg College by January 31, please submit the appeal form and indicate that you have those concerns. The college will be in contact with you to coordinate your arrival if it needs to occur after January 31.
  • Your arrival and testing DATE IS [varies per e-mail]. As a reminder, you will select your arrival time 5 -7 days before your arrival date through an email from Mobile Health. The testing times and move-in times on each of these days occur between 9am and 5pm.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact We look forward to seeing you all back on campus soon.

Office of Residential & First-Year Programs