A message to our students studying remotely

Message sent on February 9, 2021

President Bob Iuliano reminds students studying remotely to participate in virtual activities and encourages students to offer their suggestions about how to strengthen the Gettysburg community.

Dear Fellow Gettysburgians,

I hope your spring semester courses are off to a strong start and you are settling into your new classes.

While it’s always exciting to start a new Gettysburg semester, it isn’t quite the same without you here. I very much look forward to Fall 2021 and the promise of a return to more normal college rhythms as the vaccine gets more widely distributed.

My note today is, in part, to wish you the very best for the spring semester. But it is also to make two requests as you think about the months ahead.

First, please remember that your Gettysburg education consists of more than what occurs in the classroom, as important as that is. It is also enriched through the opportunity to engage in the wide array of other programming and activities that is occurring at the College. In studying remotely, these opportunities can seem distant or less accessible, but recall that most of them are virtual and they are fully intended for all of our students. Please stay involved, find ways to expand your horizons through non-classrooms activities, and join with other students in helping to strengthen the Gettysburg community as we continue to navigate the pandemic. An easy way to stay abreast on campus activities is through our EngageGettysburg website.

Second, please know that the College is here to support you this spring—intellectually, socially, emotionally, and in the many other ways each one of us needs to feel our best. Let us know how the semester is going, and please do not hesitate to offer suggestions about how the College can enrich your experience this semester. The very best ideas often come from our students; please help us ensure that your semester is as engaging and supportive as possible.

So, continue to stay involved, contribute your voice, and grow in your educational pursuits. Our College indeed is better with you as a member of this community.


Bob Iuliano