Tuesday testing reminders

Message sent on February 16, 2021

Jeff Foster, D.Ed., Interim Vice President for College Life and Dean of Students, reminds students to participate in the twice weekly COVID-19 testing and provides additional testing-related information.

Dear Students,

As we enter week two of in-person classes, I write to say thank you to the overwhelming majority of students who are reporting to testing twice each week, adhering to masking and distancing, and following all of the health and safety measures set forth for the community this semester. As I’ve said in the past, these are the keys to having a safe and successful spring semester.

Unfortunately, we have had some students not complete their twice-weekly testing as required and we are working to follow up with these students. Students who miss testing once will receive a warning and be placed in Level One Quarantine until they receive one negative test result. Students missing a second test are subject to assignment to remote study. Please be sure to keep up with your testing and encourage your peers to do the same—especially if you become aware of someone who is willfully opting not to test, as these students could potentially place the on-campus experience at risk for all of us.

I write with a few important notes and reminders:

  1. About half of students will test on Tuesday/Saturday with the other half testing on Wednesday/Saturday. You will remain in your assigned group for the semester.
  2. Every Sunday, you will receive an email from Mobile Health to schedule your two tests for the week (Tuesday & Saturday or Wednesday & Saturday).
    • Please watch your email carefully for these messages which come from a non-college email address (Mobile Health).
    • Regularly check your “Other” box if you use the “Focus” feature on your campus email.
  3. Note that you CANNOT schedule your test on the day of your test. If you did not schedule ahead of time or missed your scheduled time, you should report to the Testing Center ASAP on your assigned day.
  4. If you encounter ANY difficulty in scheduling your test on the scheduling platform:
    • Try again at a later time but before the day of your test.
    • Email residencelife@gettysburg.edu to let them know.
    • Go to the Testing Center on your assigned day and proceed with testing.
  5. If you have an unexpected schedule change or encounter any issues, please report to the Testing Center on your regularly assigned day and proceed with testing.

We are making every effort to provide the information and support necessary to assist in getting everyone acclimated to the testing protocol this semester. Ultimately, however, it is your responsibility to get tested twice each week in accordance with College’s COVID plan for the semester. Please contact us at covidupdates@gettysburg.edu if you have any questions or concerns.


Jeff Foster, D.Ed.
Interim Vice President for College Life and Dean of Students