Wellness Day announced for April 7

Message sent on April 6, 2021

President Iuliano informs students that the College will hold another Wellness Day tomorrow, April 7, for both remote and residential cohorts.

Dear Students,

Tomorrow, April 7, we celebrate the 189th anniversary of Gettysburg College’s founding in 1832. Over that period, the College has witnessed its share of challenges, including, of course, the events occurring on and around our campus in July 1863. Though it may be hard to see now, in the midst of it, our work in navigating the global pandemic is the next chapter in the story of how the College has confronted the challenges of its time.

I am confident of this: future generations will look back at this time with profound respect for how you have responded to a situation with no modern precedent. I know this semester has been difficult, as you have sought to balance your academic aspirations with other priorities and against the many stresses the pandemic has presented. And yet you have persevered, and shown admirable resiliency, determination, and goodwill toward each other. I am both grateful and proud of what you all have done.

I know that it has all been made more challenging by the absence of our traditional mid-semester break, which gave everyone the chance to catch their breath and simply unwind. While the pandemic has made it necessary to eliminate the break, it has not eliminated the importance of having time to slow down and focus on something other than your studies.

With this, Gettysburg College will hold another Wellness Day tomorrow, April 7, for all students, whether in the remote or residential cohort. All classes tomorrow have been cancelled, and all College programs and student organizations have been encouraged to reschedule their activities. The Provost has also asked the faculty to avoid, where possible, scheduling significant academic obligations for Thursday, so every Gettysburg student may receive the full benefits of a day off.

A few additional items of note:

  • All health and safety guidelines, which have helped us to maintain a consistently low case count this semester, remain in effect.
  • The Dining Center, Jaeger Center, and all other facilities remain open to you.
  • The Testing Center is still open. If you are scheduled to test tomorrow, please make sure you go to Plank Gym for your COVID test as you typically would.
  • The College will offer a number of wellness-related activities to help you relax and unwind, such as t-shirt tie-dying and music on Stine Lake. In addition, there will be giveaways near Plank Gym that include aromatherapy stress balls, coloring pages and colored pencils, face masks, tea, and more. For more information, visit engageGettysburg.
  • Counseling Services is available for students who would like to speak with a counseling professional in these difficult and disorienting times. Please consider reaching out by calling 717-337-6960.

The forecast calls for a warm spring day. I very much hope you all have the opportunity to find a moment to enjoy it.

Take great care,

Bob Iuliano