Third Wellness Day

Message sent on April 16, 2021

President Bob Iuliano announces a third wellness day on Friday, April 23, 2021.

Dear Students,

Over the past several weeks, many of you have acknowledged to me, to faculty, to parents, and to friends that you’ve hit the wall—or, in the words of one of my advisees, that the semester has felt like “all gas and no brake.” You’ve noted that the two wellness days have been very helpful but, as the end-of-the semester pressures build, you don’t feel ready to do your best work. A recurring request has been for a third wellness day, ideally adjacent to a weekend to give a more sustained respite before exams and final papers.

We not only have heard you but also want to acknowledge the extraordinary circumstances that you have navigated since the pandemic first disrupted our operations 13 months ago. As a result, the College is setting aside a third Wellness Day on Friday, April 23, when all classes will be cancelled for the day. As was true for previous Wellness Days, student organizations are strongly encouraged to avoid holding any meetings or other formal activities to give one another the fullest opportunity to take advantage of the day.

The Wellness Day is a chance to relax and to recharge, but I want to underscore that it is not a moment to weaken our commitment to the public health protocols that are in place. Our residential students have worked so hard these past few months to make the most of this semester. As we enter the final few weeks of this academic year, please reflect on all that we’ve achieved together and continue to do your part to comply with the COVID-19 protocols in place: wear masks, maintain physical distance, avoid large gatherings, and refrain from traveling off-campus. It’s this commitment that makes it possible for us to take steps, like Servo Thanksgiving and the International Food Fest, that I know have meant so much to so many of you.

Here’s hoping Friday’s weather will match that of our last Wellness Day. I look forward to seeing our residential students on Stine Lake and to hearing from all of our students about your determination, with the benefit of the additional day off, to tackle the rest of the semester.

Be well,